Golf Guest Information

Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club
199 Royal Palm Way, Boca Raton, FL 33432

  • Golf Shop 561-395-2202

Dress Code

Men: Shirts with collars and sleeves (mock necks are acceptable), slacks, golf shorts (no cargo pants or shorts). Shirts must be tucked in and hats, if worn, must be facing forward.

Women: Dresses, skorts, skirts, slacks, golf shorts and blouses. Golf shirts may be sleeved or sleeveless with a collar or sleeved without a collar.

Unacceptable Attire: Athletic shorts, crop tops, tee shirts, sweat pants, denim, tank tops, cargo pants or shorts.

Shoes:  Appropriate golf shoes with non-metallic spikes (soft spikes) or appropriate soft-sole shoes are required on the golf course and practice areas.

This Dress Code is mandatory for all players and applies to both the golf course and practice facilities. Improperly dressed golfers will be asked to change before playing.

General Rules

The Rules of Golf, together with the Rules of Etiquette adopted by the USGA, shall be the governing rules of the Club, except as modified by our local rules.