Reciprocity: “the state of being reciprocal, mutual dependence, co-operation, exchange of courtesies or return in kind, etc.  The policy under which special advantages are granted by one side in consideration of same by the other.”

Reciprocal Guest Policy:

Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club accepts reciprocal guests from both The Florida Council of Yacht Clubs (FCYC) and The Yachting Clubs of America (YCA).

All reciprocal requests are reviewed based on availability. Reciprocal privileges will only be extended to members of clubs that accept bill-backs for payment. All transactions must be billed to guest’s home Club. No cash or credit card transactions are permitted. 

For all guests looking to join us here at Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club please complete our Reciprocal Request Form and submit to your home Club and ask that they email the form to: Dockmaster Amber Brennan at [email protected].

Forms submitted by members themselves will not be accepted. Forms must be emailed through member’s home port Club. Emails submitted by guests’ home club will serve as a Letter of Introduction/Good Standing and are valid for a period of one month. For Questions please contact the Dockmaster via email or phone at (561) 289-3680. 

Know Before you go…

Dress Code:

Men: Collared shirts (must be tucked in), slacks, golf attire or croquet attire, denim (without tears, tatters or frays). Men’s collared shirts designed to be worn untucked (i.e., Tommy Bahama, UNTUCKit) are permitted. Tee shirts, sandals (including flip flops), and hats for men are restricted to the outside dining areas. Women: Appropriate blouse or sweater, dresses, skirts, slacks, proper golf or croquet attire, denim (without tears, tatters or frays). Children Boys and girls over the age of twelve (12) must follow the adult dress code. For children under the age of (12), parents will be responsible for their children’s proper attire.