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Monday, Feb 2, 2015
 9:00 am  Women's Club Art Class - Intermediate/Advanced
Monday, Feb 9, 2015
 9:00 am  Women's Club Art Class - Intermediate/Advanced
Monday, Feb 16, 2015
 9:00 am  Women's Club Art Class - Intermediate/Advanced

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Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club
2425 Maya Palm Drive West
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Phone: 561.395.2100
Fax:     561.395.3612
Reservation Line: 561.395.2202
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February 2015
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 A Club for
a Lifetime 
Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club enjoys a rich heritage as one of South Florida's premier private clubs and offers members an unusual level of camaraderie, diverse facilities and a wide-range of activities to celebrate friendships and a deep sense of community.
 Play the best round of your life. 
The redesign of Royal Palm was very rewarding. We were able to create an entirely new course that offers challenge for all levels of play. The 7,003 yards from the back tees will test any professional or amateur.
Read about Golf at Royal Palm
 Set sail from the Marina. 
Situated in a safe and well-protected bay, with ocean access only minutes away, the Royal Palm Yacht Club provides first class service to its yachting members. The Marina can accommodate vessels from 18’ to over 100’ and provides full-time concierge services along with reciprocal privileges at 35 other private South Florida yacht clubs.
Read more about our Boca Raton Marina
 The Finest In Dining 
Our Executive Chef and his culinary team prepare dishes from around the world using the freshest ingredients, flavored with herbs from our own garden.
Read about Dining at Royal Palm
Royal Palm’s approach to fitness is much more than building strength or burning calories. Our Seven Dimensions of Wellness program is an all-encompassing philosophy of health for life.
Upcoming classes and events
 Fun Family Events at Royal Palm 
Sprout, our Junior Palmer’s mascot, leads the way to all the fun year-round events and family activities at our South Florida clubhouses. With sports clinics, day camps, Kids' Club Rooms, holiday and birthday celebrations, there's always something fun happening for our Junior Palmers!
Upcoming youth and family events
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 Junior Golf Clinics 
November through April
 Junior Golf Private Lessons 
Year Round
 Massage and Facial Pricing Menu 
 Men's Group 
Since its recent inception in 2010, Royal Palm’s Men’s Club has been focused on the task of informing, enlightening and enjoying.
 Platinum Club 
Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club is striving to be recognized as a Platinum Club by Club Leaders Forum. Platinum Clubs are regarded as America's 200 most highly admired private clubs.

What Makes a Club Platinum?

1. A History of Excellence

The top private clubs have been around for a long time. Many were founded over a century ago. Some, from their inception, and many others through accumulated passage of time, have been recognized by all who know them as being domiciles of excellence. Whether this heritage is perpetuated in a formal mission statement or informally passed along within its membership and staff, it is deeply imbued in the fortunate who belong or work there. The membership and staff alike consider the perpetuation of this history of excellence as a mission.

2. The Quality of Membership
No club can be great without having great members. This means a membership that represents the best qualities of those communities in which the club exists. Acceptance and compatibility transcend all discriminating issues. Members like each other and the staff that serves them. They are knowledgeable about matters that affect the club and treat the facilities as though they were their own - which, in a real sense, they are. Great members care so much about their club that they work hard to attract prospective new members who are equally great.

3. The Condition of its Facilities
A celebrated golf course or magnificent clubhouse by themselves do not make a club great. Rather it is the total array of facilities, their general excellence and fulfillment of member needs in every area of function and activity. These clubs invest on a regular and planned basis in the maintenance, supervision, and replacement of grounds, plant and equipment. They ensure that each piece of equipment and every facility is well maintained. They do not have to be brand new.

4. The Caliber of its Professional Staff
Many is the club with rich heritage and renowned amenities that does not qualify as a great club. Without a staff of equally high quality, such a club is missing on its most important cylinders. This excellence must be as well exhibited by the newest dishwasher or waiter as it is by the club's longest tenured staff. The club will be recognized in its community as a good place to work, where the pay, benefits, environment of work, and job security are attested to as excellent year after year. Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen is a maxim of the finest clubs.

5. Enlightenment and Consistent Governance
Great clubs are led by presidents, owners, and directors who understand that their roles are strategic and policy setting. It is the professional staff that carries out the policies and day-to-day operations. Boards of this caliber work hard at ensuring that there is continuity of effort and direction, term after term. The nominating committee or owner takes their work seriously, ensuring that the best qualified members serve on the board - and that the board itself is broadly representative of the club membership as a whole.

6. Adaptable to Changing Times
As social institutions, clubs themselves undergo change - gradual as they will be. A club that resists this, sometimes because of restrictive bylaws or the resistance of elements on the board or in the membership, will slowly wither and eventually perish as members join more vital clubs or quit. Great clubs work at anticipating their members' - and prospective new members' - needs and interests. Such clubs have a mission statement that says who they are and a strategic plan that says where they want to be. Great clubs view this plan not simply as a document to put on the shelf and refer to periodically but as a road map that they are now moving along.

7. Member Devotion to their Club's Distinctive Culture
Great clubs celebrate their heritage and religiously observe their time-honored traditions. They know that the member/guest golf event is always the third weekend in June, that the general manager gets dunked at the year-end pool party, and that all the ladies at the annual president's ball must be wearing yellow rose corsages. There is pride and togetherness in observing traditions and practices handed down through generations of members - oftentimes the older and more non-sensical they seem, the better. There is a true cult of culture in great clubs and it is stringently observed.

8. A Spirit of Generosity in its Community
Many of America's premier private clubs were founded around a spirit of giving to its community or the nation. This is particularly true of great clubs such as the Union League of Chicago and the Union League of Philadelphia. Others have developed their philanthropic and participatory relationships with cause and community through the caring nature of members and over the passage of time. Their motivations for acts of generosity are not done to generate overt publicity for themselves but in the spirit of genuine care - with as little publicity as possible.

9. Prudent Fiscal Management
No institution of any kind can go through decades and generations without, from time to time, encountering serious financial challenges. Many a great club barely survived the Great Depression or the dues deductibility issue of the late 1980's. Great clubs have had the wisdom to plan well and invest well. Initiation fees go into a capital, not operating fund. Dues and other costs are set to fund operations, improvements, and depreciation, so that member services and facilities are maintained at an affordable and exceptional level. Their boards understand the need for regular dues increases and occasional assessments.

10. Universal Acknowledgement of Greatness
Great clubs are widely known as such by the strata of American society that frequent private clubs and are well traveled. They tout them universally. This perception extends well beyond a club's community or the venue (i.e., a great golf course, etc.) for which it is best known. From time to time a great club will have a poor leader board - or even a bad apple or two in the membership - but the truly great clubs are like great families. They possess the wisdom to progress, cope, and have fun being together. The future for any great club is what it always has been: The ability to attract and retain the greatest new members it possibly can.

 Private Events 
Do you have a question about fitness or spa services? Call the Fitness Front Desk at (561) 391-7679 or email
 Robo Vault 
Need some place to put your valuables?
 Royal Palm Car Wash 
Each Saturday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Country Club
 Skin Care 
 Spa Specials 
for February
 Spars & Pars Newsletter 
February 2015
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 The Club 

Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club has a rich heritage and offers members an unusual level of camaraderie, diverse facilities and a wide-range of activities to celebrate friendships and a deep sense of community.

Members at Royal Palm are greeted by name and treated with respect in a warm atmosphere usually reserved for close friends and family.

Quality has always been a club hallmark. The tradition of excellence at Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club continues by maintaining the high standards of quality in our selection process to ensure compatibility of our members.

Vision Statement

Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club's facilities, services and activities shall meet or exceed the high expectations of our members.

Mission Statement

To provide a private yacht and country club lifestyle for our members, families and friends that enriches their lives. 

Core Values

Inclusion ... Transparency ... Communication

 The Club 
 The Legacy 
 Tide Chart 
 Weddings & Events 
 Weddings & Events 
 WGA Website 
WGA Website
 Women's Club 
The Women’s Club is an organization whose goal is to entertain the Membership with a range of activities and programs.
 Yachting Club of America 
We have partnered with Yachting Club of America
 Cardio Tennis 
Every Saturday
9 am - 10 am
 Family Fun Gallery 1 
 Homepage Fitness, Pool & Spa Gallery 1 
 Marina Renovation Project 
Begins January 2015
 Team Trivia Night 
Tonight! Thursday - January 29
5:30pm - 6:30pm / 19th Hole
 Testimonial Example 1 
Our reception started with appetizers and cocktails on the patio overlooking the marina and only got better throughout the night. Our guests loved every bit of it; the food, the service, and just being at Royal Palm!
 Family Fun Gallery 2 
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 Superbowl Party 
Sunday - February 1
 Tennis Programs & Events 
 Tennis' Dinks & Drinks 

Friday - January 30 at 6:00 pm

Enjoy a clinic followed by a round robin. Drinks & snacks ($10) served courtside.

 Testimonial Example 2 
Royal Palm is the ideal location for any wedding or special event. The clubhouse is beautifully decorated, the staff is personable and professional, the food is outstanding and the waterfront location can't be beat. My daughter's wedding could not have been any more special!
 Family Fun Gallery 3 
 Homepage Fitness, Pool & Spa Gallery 3 
 Member Information Update 
Due by February 1
 Monday Croquet Clinics 
All Clinics start at 4pm.
Complimentary / Reservations Required
 New! MLD Massage 
Recommended for overall health
 Superbowl Sunday Club Event 

Sunday - February 1 at 5:00pm 

Join other Club Members for a fun night of football at the Country Club. 

Please note there will be no Sunday Night BBQ.

 Titleist Golf Ball Fitting 
Wednesday - February 4
 Breakfast in the 19th Hole 
Wednesday - Sunday
7am - 10am
 Family Fun Gallery 4 
 Men's Club Event - Matt Levitt 
Wednesday - February 4 

Our next speaker is Matt Levitt, fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and former FBI counterterrorism analyast. Click here to see how America uses the Washington Institute's information. 

For the Wall Street Journal's review on Mr. Levitt's book, click here.

Click here for more
 Ultimate Body Shaping Treatment 
3 to 6 Treatments Recommended
 Women's Club First Families and Flowers 
Wednesday - February 11
 Almost Camp Out Movie Night 
Saturday - February 7

West Grassy Lawn / 6:00pm - 8:00pm 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (rated PG). Visit with the turtles and have your picture taken! As always, fantastic food, company & entertainment are included.

$22/Adult, $12/Child

Kids' Club 1 & 2 will be closed during this event.

 Family Fun Gallery 5 
 Fitness' Olympic Challenge 
Month of February
 Men's Club - Matt Levitt 
Wednesday - February 4
See his comments on the Paris terrorist attack here.
 Family Fun Gallery 6 
 Women's Club Art Classes 
Beginner and Advanced Classes
 Commodores' Croquet Challenge 
Sunday - February 15
 Family Fun Gallery 7 
 First Families & Flowers 
Wednesday - February 11

A Women's Club Luncheon with Bob Scanlan, who takes you behind the scenes and inside the White House Flower Shop.

 Lynn University Concert 
Monday - February 16

 Mar-a-Lago Doubles & Singles Croquet Invitational 
Register by February 27!
 Member Roster Update 
Update your information by February 1 for the 2015-2016 Member Roster.
 Social Round Robin 
Sundays at 9 am
 Wine & Wickets 
Fridays at 4:00pm
On the Greensward
 Tennis Tips 
from Coach Craig
 Guest Policies 
Definitions and Privileges
 Junior Palmer Fishing Hour 
Last Saturday of the Month
At the Marina from 4:00 – 5:00 pm
 Palm Pub Dessert Menu 
December 2014
 Coffee & Croquet 
Sundays at 9:30am
 Junior Palmer Fitness Schedule 
Sundays from 1 pm - 2 pm
 Junior Palmers' Tennis 
 2014 - 2015 Calendar of Events 
Major Events for our upcoming season!
 Palm Pub Menu 
February 2015
 2014 - 2015 Programs Schedule 
Weekly run down of adult and junior programs
 Specialty Drink List 
 Upcoming Events 
Thursday - January 29
Friday - January 30
Saturday - January 31
WGA Golf
Junior Tennis
Ladies' Team Tennis
Adult Tennis Clinic
Bridge Lessons with Jeanni
Golf Fitness
Wine & Wickets
Happy Hour at The Office

Junior Golf
Adult Cardio Tennis
Junior Tennis Clinics

Sunday - February 1Monday - February 2Tuesday - February 3
Adult Tennis Round Robin
Superbowl Sunday
No Sunday Night Cookout
Fitness' Olympic Challenge Begins

Women's Club Art Classes
Junior Golf Clinic
Junior Tennis Clinic
Lady 9-Hole Golfers
Clair Winters Duplicate Bridge Tournament
Wednesday - February 4Thursday - February 5Friday - February 6
Junior Golf Clinic
Junior Tennis Clinic
Nutrition Lecture 

WGA Golf
Junior Tennis Clinic
Golf Fitness at the Driving Range
Adult Tennis Clinic
Golf's Friday Mixed Event
 WGA Events 
2014 - 2015 Event List and Booklet